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Insurance can be confusing. By giving employees access to personalized options that make sense to them, we’ve made choosing benefits a breeze.

Introducing the Smart Choices™ Marketplace

ConnectedHealth strives to stay ahead of the game when it comes to delivering benefit programs. Our Smart Choices Marketplace platform is a comprehensive solution for your employees; whether they are group-eligible employees, part-time staff, or 1099 contractors, the Smart Choices Marketplace is your one-stop shop for benefits.

Smart Choices Marletplace

Here’s how it works:

Marketplace How It Works

We create a customized benefit marketplace where we keep track of important data such as your employees’ enrollment and eligibility.

Marketplace How It Works

You can offer whatever benefit options meet your needs (defined contribution or defined benefit).

Marketplace How It Works

Your employees have the freedom to select, apply, and enroll in benefits that best meet their needs.

Find out how the Smart Choices™ Marketplace can simplify benefits for both:

We’re different than the rest.

We’ve developed an interface that not only delivers a benefits program to alleviate stress on employers, but there’s also a caring group of individuals behind our product to assist in employee concerns and needs.

My Thrive Score

My Thrive Score™ and Health and Financial Security Management

We work with employees to design a customized portfolio of insurance coverage — whether group or individual benefits — and other products or programs to meet the health and financial objectives of an employee over time.

Easy Onboarding and Benefits Administration Portal

Easy Onboarding and Benefits Administration Portal

A back-end component of our platform that makes benefits administration easy to manage for internal staff. For our group clients, we can integrate with your payroll, billing and HRIS systems.

Administrative Ease

Integrated Consumer Engagement Platform

Engaging your employees beyond the point of enrollment is critical. Our built-in communication platform helps you develop, tailor, disseminate and track multi-media communications to employees year round and for any life event.

Superior Customer Support

Superior Customer Support

Our dedicated support team with licensed agents provides your employees with support by phone and online chat when they need it.

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

We conduct a detailed analysis about employee selection criteria. Which means your company can have a better understanding of “what” choices were made and “why” – giving you the advantage to evaluate and strengthen strategic plans moving forward.

Partnership with the Federal Government

Partnership with the Federal Government

Only a handful of companies were selected nationwide to offer Qualified Health Plans through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace. Our partnership with the federal government means that you can trust us to deliver real results to employees who qualify for government assistance.


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